February 5, 2008

Rayssea and Emi Wada

The managing editor asked for a statement today, so Rayssea probably won't appear until the Fall 2008 issue of Art Doll Quarterly Magazine.  This is what I told her about Rayssea and me:

"* antique ribbon work interpreted in vintage Japanese kimono silk
* new cotton fabric, mohair/wool/ribbon yarns
* hand painted face with acrylics and colored pencils
* bead weaving in bodice and shoes
I have sewn clothes for myself since I was a teenager, but I'm somewhat new to doll making.  Through dolls I can take part in imaginative dressmaking and shoe design unsuitable for my own daily wear.  Inspiration comes from theatre costumes, ethnic clothing, couture garments and historical fashion.  I enjoy intricate processes with delicate results and experimenting with vivid color combinations.  Hairstyles are a reflection of childhood, playing with my sister’s and cousin’s long hair."

Speaking of inspiration, pal DougE told me about the Metropolitan Opera's The First Emperor, composed by Tan Dun and directed by Zhang Yimou.  The gorgeous costumes were done by Emi Wada who used brick imagery to represent the Great Wall.  The photos came from Met Opera's website.  For more of Ms. Wada's amazing work, think of the rich costumes in Hero and House of Flying Daggers, both movies which I love.

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