February 11, 2008

Sewing Room "Explosion"

Do you ever get mad at yourself for buying, keeping, accepting from others, saving, intending to recycle, and then, before you realize it, there is no space to keep it all?  That's hoarding.  While there's not a narrow path between "walls" of uncut fabric to my sewing machine, I sometimes hide things on the floor of my walk-in closet so I must squeeze sideways through a partially open door.  Then I get upset with my packRATness (is that a word?) because I'm solely responsible for these acquisitions.  Being sentimental is also a problem.  How can I get rid of something that a cherished person gave me?

Tien said my sewing room looks like it exploded.  I'll spare the images, but the goal was to fully open the closet door.  Fabric and supplies were all over the floor and trailing into the hallway.  Projects I lost interest in went into the garbage along with supplies I wanted to recycle.  Things were donated too.  There's nothing left for Ebay.  Didn't I already do this recently?

I know this quilter who sews one quilt from start to finish and refrains from purchasing supplies for the next until her quilt is done.  She has rare self-control which I've never seen in any another craftsperson.

Clearing my sewing room clears my mind.  Does that make my mind a sewing room?  Certainly there's not much room for anything besides sewing.  Makes sense to me.

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