February 17, 2008

Sweet Grass Basketry

At Nadine Spier's in-home class I learned how to make a basket with sweet grass and waxed linen thread.  I can't remember what the center stone is, but the grey and lavender colors attracted me.  I love it with the purple thread.  My tendency is to overly-secure my work, so I was pulling the thread too tight, causing grass breakage when stitching through the previous row.  Gotta loosen up!  The technique is time-consuming and fulfilling.  This will be a shallow bowl to hang on the wall.  Pal Hiromi worked on a similar sweet grass project using a luminous tiger eye center.  Our teacher's work is primarily done with pine needles which she grows on her property.  After this I want to try working with pine needles too.  I wonder if my Mother knows specifically what kinds of pine trees she has in her garden?  Maybe I'll use those in my next basket.

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