March 19, 2008

Alien vs. Predator

My favorite TV station is Turner Classic Movies. They show the old movies which I adore, they reveal movie trivia and, best of all, they have no commercials. For a change, I switched to American Movie Classics to see what was on. Hamburger Hill was showing, with advertising -- their target audience is retirees: AARP, Medicare, electric scooters, that kind of thing. After HH ended, I went back to TCM, then onto a round of revenge movies on DVD: Count of Monte Cristo and Man on Fire, two of my all-time favorites. Not so sure why I like that theme, but I do.

I can knit without watching my needles, but not while casting on or binding off. The yarn work started at mid-day and ended around 10p. One more wig remains to knit, but it'll be a quicky square using eyelash yarn. While watching There Will Be Blood, I worked on my shawl -- two more rows and it'll be finished. I have to stretch my fingers a lot while knitting; my left hand pinky is sore!

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