March 2, 2008

Aprons Done; What's Next?

Apron inventory is finally done. I'm slow at sewing, even with a machine. I keep finding "more important" things to do, like check email, look up something on Wikipedia, see what shows are on Turner Classic Movies, look for new music on Yahoo Music Jukebox, respond to emails in exacting detail... I don't know how the Project Runway contestants complete garments so quickly. It took me a week to make six aprons.

Here's my little studio helper Coppélia playing with fabric. She saw a skinny piece of starched material and pounced!

This is lightweight canvas that I painted some time ago. It was fun and easy, and reminded me of playing with paints in grammar school. Using fabric processed the same way, my next project will be a series of Juju Dolls, the Anti-VooDoo Dolls. Description to come -- stay tuned!

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