March 26, 2008

Burda 8344

It's been a long time since I made clothes for myself. Hopefully I won't spend too much time on this simple skirt. There are only three pattern pieces. How hard can it be? Well, either my butt is too big or my waist is too little. In any event, fitting always slows me down.

I like to iron pattern tissues so that folds and wrinkles don't distort. The tissue becomes staticky, so I rub it with a dryer sheet. Works like a charm.

The knit fabric I chose feels like lightweight wool, but is poly, rayon and spandex, and the quality is excellent. The manufacturer calls it "Sophia" and I've read only positive comments in sewing reviews.

I bought a new thimble which might be made of silicone. Don't know if you can see the cute little flowers on it. I love thimbles for their usefulness. I keep looking for The Perfect Thimble to keep from punching holes in my fingertips.

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