March 13, 2008

The Next Great Thing

Too often I will dream up the next great thing, only to Google it, and find someone else had the same great idea. That's what happened when I came up with Catnip Quilts, small quilts for kitties with a layer of catnip in the batting. Same thing with JuJu Dolls... but I'm still gonna do them!

My niece Natalie received two immunization shots and she got on the phone to tell me, "Inside my aahrm, the bone, it hoorts." We tried to do an imaginary telephone hug, "Natty, put your arm across to your shoulder. Now put your other arm on your other shoulder." "Auntie, I can't -- I'm holding the phone." DUH, silly me! Afterwards, I spoke to her mother and I could hear the pain in my sister-in-law's voice for her child.

Faces are done and heads will be stuffed, YIPPEE! Do you notice the absence of the grey one with big lips? That head was scrapped.

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