March 8, 2008

Color Choices

From, this image shows a color combination I would not have thought of. Of course, that's why Donna Karan is successful, because she comes up with of what others haven't. Admittedly, my color choices are not always current. I often revert to red/purple/black -- boring after a while! When I go to my fabric paints, they look dated to me. Same with much of my fabric. That's partially because I keep things forever before using them. So, to stay modern, I realized those fashion magazines I love to peruse can be a conscious source of color ideas. I say "conscious" because I'm usually looking at cut, design, details, and not even considering the color. Jeez, you'd have to knock me on the head with a paintbrush, wouldn't you?!

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Sarah said...

you are fierce and fabulous