March 23, 2008

Let Them Eat Cake

Sarah returned to SD for a visit. Gosh, we miss her being part of our everyday lives! Nothing is the same as when we 8 pals worked together. Two moved out of state, another threatens to move... At this dinner we, (left to right) Fong, Sarah, me and Christine, held the table for four hours, and could have stayed longer. Chatter covered clandestine handbag shopping, pregnancy, speculation of various topics, missing friends (Anita, Diane, Sheryl, Tzotsy), travel, real estate, employment, update on outside circle of friends, future plans... Restaurant lights brightened and we took the cue to depart.

Note to Elmer: when you download your better photos, may I snag one to replace this dim image? (dimage?, haha)

Sarah brought this amazing spa-themed cake. Lipstick, compact or powder puff, comb, toe spacers, tweezers, eye shadow and brush, lip liner and color w/sponge applicator, all in fondant. I suggested we divide the cake into four equal pieces to devour, but no one else thought it was a good idea. The chocolate cake was yummy and my share of leftovers lasted for two days in the Sng household.

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Sarah said...

Picture not too bad.. I will send pics this weekend -- of course you'll be off in your own little world!!!