March 25, 2008

Post No. 201

Gosh, I didn't realize that the previous was my 200th post to this blog. Time, text and stitches fly when I'm having fun. Thank you so much for being here alongside me!

We each have our share of addictions (maybe you call it something else), I believe. Just noticed that one of mine is magazines. I received a special issue called Studios, published by Quilting Arts, in the last mail delivery and I enjoyed visuals of other artists' studios. Then, the very same day, while waiting my turn at the grocery checkout, my arm reached for the latest issue of Vogue and plunked it alongside my soy yogurt, European cocoa mix and granola! Hmm, that's a new addiction: Safeway's European cocoa mix -- wow, mix with hot water and it's like swallowing liquid chocolate.

So anyway, all those magazine images really are part of my creative process. Another belief is that we inspire each other. Have a wonderful day!

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Anonymous said...

I think you will have to come visit and straighten our craft room out.. you're more organized than I and with all your collection of magazines and practicing in your own room.. you'll be a pro!!!