April 27, 2008

Been Busy w/ Bren

Brenda and I went to The Black Sheep yarn store yesterday. We found this interesting yarn woven in four colors (purple, orange, black, red), ribbon-like and curling on both edges. It's Tango by Universal Yarn Inc. The store had samples of the yarn knitted into a ruffle and I immediately saw something new to dress my dolls.

Instead of wrapping the yarn around your needle, it must be pierced along the woven edge. This is a close up, but manufacturer's instructions are here.

Paternal cousin Bren came down from SF for a conference, then stayed with us this weekend. How joyful it's been! She's my favorite on the Chong side of my family since I was very young and I'm grateful to find a best friend in her as we grew up. We are lucky if we see each other once a year at a family gathering, but to spend a WHOLE weekend together was a super-bonus. This picture is funny -- I can tell we are related by the shape of our smiles. Tien would say he can tell by the volume of our laughter!

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