April 16, 2008

Chez Marie

I've missed you! How are you? Happy and healthy, I hope. As for us, jetlag is the price we pay for travelling great distances. Over the next postings, I will share the work of artisans I encountered during the past three weeks.

Avignon is an old walled city in France's Provence region. We stayed in Marie Mangin's B&B which we highly recommend. She is a warm and environmentally-conscious host. Turns out she's an artisan too! She rejected the word "artist" but we disagree. She holds a carved and gilded decorative piece made entirely by her hand; the second image is a close-up of the same piece.

This is another method that Marie does. As I understood the process, she prepares a mold by carving into wood. Rabbit glue composition is pressed into the mold. After hardening, the ornament is removed from the mold and applied to wood frames, then gold-leafed. Marie also repairs antique frames. I would have loved to watch her work.

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