April 23, 2008

Lavender Pillows

These will eventually become lavender pillows. At present, they are cut and sewn with "ABC Rags" labels, then grouped according to the thread color I'll use for further construction: off-white, white, pink, rust, orange, red, green, and miscellaneous. Too bad my favorite kimono silk seller has disappeared. I depended upon her stock for inspiring fabrics. Ah yes, maybe it's time to move on and create new things. I'm feeling a tad bored making lavender pillows after these past several years, but my desire to create interesting clothes on dolls is rarin' to go.

Did you know there is a lavender museum in Provence? Although we did not go, it would have smelled heavenly.

Happy birthday to the loveliest of women, my teacher and friend, Nancy Wang!

1 comment:

Sarah said...

hmmm are you going to try being a cobbler (no, not a peach cobbler) next?