April 30, 2008

Little Lavender Pillows

I feel I show more Japanese fabrics than my own ethnicity's Chinese fabrics. It is because Chinese fabrics are scarce and I am still unwilling to take apart vintage garments. Sometimes I find several yards of pristine brocade and the colors are rich and beautiful. They are usually a length meant to become a cheong sam, but which sat in someone's closet instead.

The basic construction of Japanese kimono are perfect for recycling: kimono are made from long lengths of narrow rectangles and are cut without curves. My favorite pieces are sleeves because I can get several pillows out of them, then move onto another piece without becoming bored. It is fascinating to see the work put into the cloth: sometimes bits of thread remain in the shibori pieces (tie dye); other times there are meticulous hand embroidery or hand painted pieces; hand woven pieces are breathtaking.

My first show of the season is this Saturday. I like to introduce different items each year and this Spring's new product is aprons. Next I will tackle their display.

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