April 19, 2008

Lyon and Florence

How fun is this?! On our way to the Provence region in France, we stopped for lunch in Lyon which is the food capital of France (talk about the best of the best!). While looking for the most historic section of town, we came upon this gigantic floral sculpture. I don't know who put it together or what it represents, but it was entertaining and brilliant.

Ten days later we were in the Italian city of Florence and I passed this window of painted David statues. Someone has a sense of humor! My fav is the one in garter belt and stockings.

The actual Statue of David sculpted by a young Michelangelo is more than magnificent. Although I don't care for sculpture, at first sight David stopped me in my tracks with my jaw agape. He is larger than I thought at 16', which adds to his powerful form, and his lines are graceful, esp at the waist. Most of us are, at least, familiar with the general image of David, but until I met him in the flesh, I didn't know his face held such intensity. This image is from a Florence hotel booking agency.

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Sarah said...

in NYC you see painted bulls (Wall Sreet/Bullish.. get it?)... in Madison, Wisconsin, you see painted cow (Dairy State... get it?)... in Louisville, Kentucky you see painted horses (Kentucky Derby.. get it?)... I think I'd much prefer to see DAVID.. garter and all!!! teehee I think I'd even fork out the money for one in my backyard!!!!