April 17, 2008

Silk Atelier

Menton is the last town in France along the Riviera before entering Italy. As we walked the shopping promenade, the word "atelier" caught my eye -- I made a bee-line for it. Inside the shop, clouds of color on breezy silks enveloped me.

This is the couple who run the business. They were so cute. They showed me a bolt of plain white silk hanging beneath the low ceiling of the studio in the rear of the store. He paints; she hand-rolls the edges and stitches.

Although they were not in production during my short visit, the husband demonstrated his painting for me. It looked so easy, like breathing; the swirls of paint seemed to release from his arm, through the paintbrush and into the silk.

Once I bought a beautiful piece of silk at Britex in SF to make my own scarf. I couldn't figure out how to roll the edge tightly enough. Moistening my fingertips and rolling the raw edge was the only way. When I asked the lady at this store how she did it, she showed me the exact same method. She also demonstrated the difference between rolling/stitching on the grain versus rolling/stitching on a curved neckline edge. Strangely, she spoke to me only in French and I understood every word she said -- sewing is universal.

The husband's English skills were strong enough to explain they were fat because of all the Nutella they ate (see paint jars).

I felt so happy to buy a 20" scarf from their workshop. Now that I'm home I realize I don't have their shop information.

(The vertical line in the center of my scarf is the closet door behind it.)

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Sarah said...

pink and purple... didn't you mention in an earlier blog that you are drawn to this color combination? or am I remembering incorrectly? The scarf is lovely and I'm enjoying your travels!