May 16, 2008

Lasik, Post Op

I will be able to sew again. I CAN SEE ACROSS THE ROOM WITHOUT GLASSES. Actually, while walking out of surgery my vision was already improved. It wasn't the blurry haze that I am used to.

The clinic gave me a valium but it wore off quickly and they gave me another. Surgery was mildly uncomfortable and there was no pain to speak of – thank goodness for numbing eye drops! A flap was cut in the cornea and flipped back for laser correction. The laser work smelled like burning hair. That's when I saw black and white lines in geometric shapes. I was in/out of surgery in what seemed like 10 mins. When we got home, pressure in my eye area was awful and I whimpered like a big baby. Two ibuprofens eased it. My eyes teared like a river and burned slightly. When I woke up hours later, there was no pain but I COULD SEE CLEARLY! I'm still light-sensitive.

The clinic gave me the white bear to hug while on the op bed. Tien said I clutched the bear pretty hard! I thought I could be a big girl about it, but was pretty nervous and relieved to have Tien stay with me the entire time. I've been wearing those big grey goggles from the moment surgery ended, through sleep and all this morning up to my checkup this afternoon. Eyeglasses used over the years will go to those in need in third world countries. Steroids, antibiotics, and synthetic tears all go into my eyes, plus another drop which may/may not be Restatis® (dry eyes) for a clinical trial; my participation reduces surgery costs. No squeezing eyes shut for 24 hours, no exercise for 3 days, no swimming or water in the eyes for 2 weeks, no pressure on the eyes for 3 months.

As expected, my near vision is gone. At my first follow up appt this afternoon, I show normal corneal swelling which will go down in a few days and my vision tested at 20/12.5 -- AMAZING! This weekend Tien and I will shop for cute reading glasses and a magnifying makeup mirror. Good thing I can knit w/o watching. I'm supposed to rest my eyes, but I feel antsy and want to see life through my new vision.

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LasikExpert said...

It looks like you are going through all the normal postop process. You can expect some vision quality fluctuations over the next few days.

DO be sure to use all the meds as instructed and don't stop anything without your doctor's approval, even if you think all is fine.

I look forward to your next post about cool reading glasses.

Glenn Hagele