May 5, 2008

Talmadge Art Show

This is me at my booth on Sunday. What a fun show it was! I like chatting with people who appreciate handmade goods. Seeing my regular customers is a treat and I'm grateful for their return visits; some of them feel like friends now.

I was happy to be space-neighbors with Kristal Molina who had the cutest display in her booth with a doll house that had it's own craft room and an Asian-inspired bedroom -- she and her friend stayed up until 3a making the furniture. We traded goods too: her earrings for my lavender pillows. She makes cool stuff.

A Japanese woman taught me something interesting about a piece of fabric in my collection. This green and orange shibori was tied into a mosquito pattern. If you look carefully, you can see a flittering bug in each square! So much work goes into Japanese tie-dyed fabric and I am always blown away by the intricate patterns.

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