May 26, 2008

Why Waste?

I have these new Lasik'd eyes, right? My near-vision is gone (as we knew would occur) and a magnifying mirror is in order. Unwilling to pay $60 for the new one I want, thrift gave way to creativity: my oval footed tabletop mirror and a round double-sided mirror could be combined:

Oval mirror removed from brass frame and discarded. Round magnifying mirror removed from double-sided frame. Dremel tool used to carve notches in magnifying mirror to fit into frame.

Trim glued to sharp edges of round magnifying mirror.

"Interviewing" fabric backgrounds -- dark brown wool or gold silk?

How about two layers of shibori silk scraps hand-dyed by Doshi? A layer of Wonder-Under adheres it to the oval frame-back.

Voila! It's not perfect, but I saved myself $60. Now I can buy more fabric.

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