May 30, 2008

What A Mess

Workrooms can be fun to visit and it's easy to find photos on the Web of sewing rooms. Before Googling it, be forewarned that sewing can be a sloppy, cluttered, possibly even junky hobby, and viewing said rooms could be an affront to your interior design sensibilities. I was appalled that some seamstresses didn't pick up a little before snapping the shutter; then I took a look at my own sewing room and was shocked again. Take my computer desk: the knickknacks that surround my monitor are cute and meaningful to me, some even useful, but do they have to go all the way around the desk leaving little usuable surface?

Tien and I talk about this often. We Americans think we need stuff. It’s a materialistic mindset that “more is better.” I don’t know how the Japanese and the Europeans live in such dinky places. When space is at a premium you learn to make do. It’s a constant struggle for me – I’m always telling myself not to buy anymore fabric until I’ve used up what I have.

“The Not So Big House" was a Christmas book from Tien. It makes me rethink how we live. Honesly, our living room and dining room are wasted; we eat in our kitchen nook and watch TV in the family room. I'm going downstairs now to reread this book. It is linked here and the companion book is here.

A seed doesn't need much space either. It can fall into a crack and flourish. The other day I found this new petunia plant outside our doorstep, near where I planted them in the ground a year ago.

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Sarah said...

But we're helping our economy and others by purchasing and putting food on someone else's table... how is that for rationale?