May 21, 2008

Working Eyes = Busy Hands

Lasik healing felt great and the sensation of a loose eyelash is gone. I don't know what is waking me at 5a each day (eyedrops?), but I started early. Instead of using the reading glasses, a 5X magnification lamp is the perfect visual aid for details.

Please don't laugh. This is the finished paint-by-numbers kit. I have no paint-mixing skills, so whatever the results were, I used 'em. Initially I diligently stayed within the lines. That became tiresome after several days, so I started blotching on the paint. Close enough was good enough and I wanted to finish. That 'close enough' stuff made it more fun. Hmm, now I get it: this was a lesson in loosening up.

Two Yoruba dolls have not found new homes despite receiving plenty of attention at art shows. Perhaps because they do not stand on their own? These pine plaques received a collaged coat of gel medium and pages from old French fiction. Next, the dolls will be secured on top.

Lastly, I started a large rag basket. This is the base. Side walls are next. I love making these. This will be for knitting projects. As you see, Coppélia likes to hang out. I love her quiet company.

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Sarah said...

I LOVE THE PAINTING!!! it actually looks somewhat similar to something I've seen lately..