May 25, 2008

Yesterday's Show

My buddy Fong loaned us her canopy and, otherwise, Nancy Tyrell and I would have been selling damp merchandise due to late morning rain. The show was small (~25 artists), new (third time) and in a really nice setting -- bamboo plants were a perfect backdrop for my Chinese and Japanese fabrics. The location was further east than coastal shows I usually do. We were treated to the aroma of chickens which only livestock can produce and sometimes blew our way.

Our booth was tucked into a corner and folks walked by without notice. Nancy set up her vibrant quilts along the path and people started to come in. Many who saw them were struck by their color. They're hard to resist.

Bill Tall runs the nursery where the show was held and he's fun, friendly and generous (fee-free for vendors). Sales were slow but Nancy and I had a good time. City Farmers Nursery will host another show in the fall; keep your eyes open for the notice.

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Sarah said...

Looks like a welcoming booth...