June 3, 2008


This picture is about boobs, a belly button and boy shorts, all of which are seen on this doll's body. Everything is going on under her dress. It's been awhile since she's gotten any attention, but me/myself/I are all having fun with her wardrobe. In my next post I'll share the beading on the dress and on her body.

After a thorough cleaning many months ago, the birdcage needed to be rejoined where glue washed away under my heavy scrubbing. It also needed bungee cords while the glue dried, and something about this entire scene was ironic: tying up a cage?

I LOVE coffee and drink it everyday, but not in my tea thermos. No matter how well it's washed, the smell remains. My tea thermos unintentionally gets used as a guest coffee cup. Not no more!

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Sarah said...

The doll -- seems very carrie bradshaw??