June 14, 2008

Beaded Torrey

It seems either side could be the front. I'm not sure about the close placement of the flowers, but I'll sleep on it before taking anything apart. Tomorrow I'll probably be fine with it.

The doll already has a name, after my friend Christine's beautiful and tiny baby girl Torrey. Torrey is so new that she weighs less than Magellan The Cat. Torrey The Baby was wearing pink when we met, and I brought Torrey The Doll to show to Christine. That's how the name came about. As for Torrey The Baby, her name came from Torrey Pines State Park where Christine was when her labor pains began.

The base layer painting continues on bag book journal pages... Iridescent medium copper and iridescent peach were mixed with water (separately) and splotched onto paper. In the picture the paper is soaked with water. It will dry by the time you read this. Cheap $1 paint produces wonders when you're playing around.

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