June 1, 2008

A Clean Work Space

This is my current project, a rag basket made of cotton in dark blue with gold splashes. It will be a shallow bowl. This kind of project doesn't spread out and appear sloppy. Actually, I was so disgusted after my previous post that I started to clean the studio. Can anyone tell me why I need eight packages of quilt battings when I have not quilted in a year?

My thoughts won't break free from the same vein: What isn't shown in this photo is the closet to the left of the mannequin. The predicament is, the closet is full, which doesn't allow for anything new, causing the perimeter of my sewing room to serve as storage. Argh -- if anyone stays with us this summer, it will be hell to break out the Murphy bed.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I'd be thrilled to sleep on your studio floor!