June 2, 2008

Cotton Rag

My rag basket is done, but it wants embellishment. Thoughts of paint and new techniques are swirling in my head. That'll take me down a new path, for sure.

The studio closet was reorganized with great success. I may be having another sale on Ebay or it may go straight to Goodwill instead. I found cool things to do: a Chinese birdcage to be reglued and possibly made into a tropical doll house; materials for fabric bowls or fairy houses; a Peruvian-style ruana I knitted which needs a seam down the back; a coffee can screaming for decoration; and a sleeve for my tea thermos ("Not for coffee!").

This was a quicky project. A mirror removed from the magnifying mirror frame needed finishing, so it got a backing of upholstery fabric and edged with trim. Don'tcha love fabric glue?!

Got any ideas for macrame cord? My nephew won't work with this stuff -- I taught him on thinner cord and he thinks this is too think. Comments and ideas will be appreciated! If you can use it, pay for postage (only) and I'll send it to you. Note to Momma: I'll keep enough to make plant hangers for you.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

I'll ask Naomi -- she makes those plastic grocery store bag holders and uses some cording.