June 21, 2008

Dinky Daisies

One of my fellow artists commented about my work, "You like to do the hard stuff." Well, yeah, but I don't think it's 'hard' -- just terribly time consuming. It seems more meaningful if I slave over it (my stupid logic). These 3/4" flowers are made from embroidery floss. I'll stop at 50, then see if that's enough for the skirt of this doll.

There are two varieties of sweet peas: little bush types that grow to 12" and leggy vines that grow to 6'. Although primarily Spring annuals, we can grow them all year long in San Diego. I tried once before and they did okay, but was not diligent at watering them. A few are wilted but they perked up after being moved to shade. Like much of California, we are having a heat wave.

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