June 24, 2008

Flowers, Plants and Baby Meridith

This density is much better, but I have a few more to attach. There are about 80 floss flowers altogether.

The sweet peas in peat pots are doing well, even through the heat wave. The temperature is cooler, phew! so I went outside to nail up a trellis.

While we were in France and Italy for three weeks, my succulents were neglected, but they're looking happy again. My favorite is from a cutting my sister Janine gave me during Thanksgiving -- it's the one in the blue pot.

This is Meridith Gwendolyn, the daughter of my cousin Cheryl. This very pretty baby was born 12 May 2008. I made the quilt for Cheryl's first born, Samuel, about eight years ago. The pink/blue flannel came from Great Aunt Amy and I hand quilted it. Samuel received 4 quilts when he was born. His baby sister hasn't received a quilt (yet!) and he generously passed this one on to her.


theysaywordscanbleed said...

that's a cute dress.

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Sarah said...

I love the doll/dress! wow.. 80!?!

Very pretty baby...