June 4, 2008

I Can't See (sort of)

It's been three weeks since Lasik surgery. At this time, creative details I love to sew have been frustrating. Doll beading requires a magnifying lamp. Threading a skinny bead needle with transparent nylon is a challenge. Vision doesn't stop the stitching; it just takes longer right now.

At my last appt the doc said I needed .75 reading glasses, but I'm still waiting for vision to settle before buying them. Apparently, the 1.25s I rushed out for are too strong. Has it really only been three weeks??

These little star flowers are such fun to make: Pick up five beads on threaded needle, join into a circle, then stitch one bead between each of the five base beads. End with a knot, and hide thread tails inside a bead or two before cutting.

I forgot to photo the beaded dress hem -- stay tuned for the image.

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