June 20, 2008

Last of Yoruba Dolls

For the last unembellished Yoruba I gathered my seed beads and embroidery floss, then visited Needle Nook of La Jolla for more. It's a wonderful shop FULL of threads in various textures. The ladies are so nice and always happy to help. Lucky for me it's one block from my office; unlucky for me I only work two days per week right now... I scored the twisted hank of hand dyed yellow silk thread and the card wrapped with sheer sea foam green ribbon. I gasped with joy when I got home later -- the ribbon is tubular! I immediately threaded a yarn needle, cut a 3" length of the ribbon and pushed the need through the tube. Tying off the ends of the thread made the ribbon gather up into a blossom. Shrieks of all the possibilities! Just wait... you'll see.

I began at the hem of the gown where the selvedge edge has needle holes with dye marks. It took two hours to sew beads all the way around. More later!

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Sarah said...

Wow.. totally tubular! how cool!