June 26, 2008

My Bro-In-Law

Kuan and 1700+ other people became U.S. citizens today and we were witness to their oath ceremony. CONGRATULATIONS Kuanza!! When the MC called out "Singapore" we believe Kuan was the only person honored -- we didn't see any others rise from their chairs. As usual, the Mexicans brought the house down with extended happy cheers -- it was extra-joyous as the majority of the crowd stood up. The other country that got a big cheer was Iran. It's funny how I forget my own patriotism until I'm in a room with a few thousand others pledging allegiance to our flag and singing the national anthem, something I did every day as a school girl.

I had a job interview for a secondary part time job with an office at the beach -- how cush is that? When there is more to share, I will fill you in. This would supplement the recently reduced hours of my long-standing admin role. Wow, I'll have three jobs: artisan, office manager and legal admin.

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Sarah said...

Congrats to Kuan!

can't wait to read more about the job -- got your email -- it always amazes me how many days has passed since I was last catching up... more in an email from me.