June 12, 2008

Paint, Paper and Pets

Remember the journals I made from paper grocery bags? Jodie might recall the $1 bottles of acrylic fabric paint I used on kids' tees in the mid 1990s -- most are still in liquid form. Time to use 'em up! I'm armed with an old basting brush to apply paint; paint is also squeezed or squirted directly onto paper. In some cases I've mixed acrylic with gel medium as a extender.

The pages are getting a base layer. I'm trying not to think too hard about this and merely cover the surface. Actually, acrylic dries so fast that I don't have time to think!

The iridescent applications are my favorite, even though they take the longest to dry. Iridescent paint is mixed with lots of water and soaks into the paper, then the sparklies settle into the wrinkles.

We have a pair of lizards in our garden. Brenda named them Fred & Ethel during her weekend here. One of them recently lost a back foot (front left foot is turned funny, but s/he was posing for me). The injury doesn't seem to hamper movements because the lizard scampers about normally and does push ups. Companion lizard is larger and darker. They are 6"-7" long.

While sitting at my computer with Magellan on my lap, he flicked his tail about, causing Coppélia to paw at it -- very cute! Her eyes are gold/green, not blue as they seem in the photo.

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