June 9, 2008


Embellishing dolls is satisfying, plus they become prettier as my skills increase. I am mindful the dolls are not keepers in order to share the love of my work with others. This pink doll has been ignored since October, but she'll have all my attention/affection for the next several days.

This six pointed flower was made using instructions in Patti Medaris Culea's newest book, one of my bibles. I'm such a fan of this dollmaker! The next image shows the three dimensional quality -- doesn't it resemble a lotus? I plan to make several more. The topaz Swarovski crystal in the center warms the flower.

Nancy Tyrell and I discussed doing a July art show together. I hope we are accepted! We worked at the same company for many years, but didn't get to know each other until the place began shutting down. Nancy and I are compatible in many ways and often say to each other, "We do pretty well together." With how many people can you say that? I'm grateful we carry it into our lives outside the office.

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