June 19, 2008

Quilt Magnet

This itty bitty quilt has a magnet on the back -- I call it "refrigerator art" for my teacher Nancy Wang. It is 2" square and includes orange French knots, purple ones for bangs, and a few green beads in the upper left corner. Fast and fun to make, yes it was!

Ah, Torrey is FINALLY finished. I spent more than a week on the beading, which is several days longer than usual. I'm very happy with this one. Okay, who's next? One last Yoruba doll and the series will be complete.

Her necklace has a teardrop bead with a pearl finish and the scale worked out just right for this tiny person.

Creating footwear is exciting. Each shoe has three stars -- one is at the tip of her toes.

Thanks to costumer Patricia Fields, the Sex and the City character Carrie Bradshaw is often my inspiration. I watched the movie version with my pal Tzotsy. The movie was, what else? FABULOUS.

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Sarah said...

I so wish I would've been there to see SATC with you two!!