June 28, 2008

Stuck in the 80s

Colors become outdated, just like everything else, and time often passes without notice. Going through my store of embroidery floss, the hues are strong but out of favor. I'm still attracted to colors I loved during the days of shoulder pads and leg warmers. To me, "old lady-ish" is created with former trends -- by my own definition I'm an Old Lady. While there isn't anything wrong with this, it can inadvertently place my output in a certain time period. Here is where borrowing from ads in current fashion magazines have a usefulness. I can tear out an inspiring page and match the colors. Final thought: selecting new embroidery floss is an inexpensive way to update my stash. How can I resist at 29 cents per skein? It satisfies the need to shop.

I seem to have committed myself to FOUR jobs: (1) artisan, (2) corporate office administrator, (3) secretary/admin and (4) temporary personal admin. Note that these titles are at separate entities -- not four hats worn in one organization. My creative output will likely be stifled for the next three weeks until the temporary job ends.

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