July 24, 2008

Any Excuse

I can find just about any excuse to keep from failing. In this case I was avoiding a new binding technique. I won't list all the BS stuff I did, but when I finally zero'd in on the task at hand, it came out nicely.

I cut the back fabric 1/2" wider all around than the quilt top, then adhered 1/4" strips of WonderUnder to the edge of the back. The WonderUnder secured the edge closed once it was folded onto the front. The presser foot has a hole for guiding the passage of yarn which I couched on the edge using an S-shaped stitch. Fast, easy, satisfying and new! If fear of failure wasn't an issue, gosh, I could do so much more.

I got so excited about finishing this quilt that I forgot to sew an ABC Rags label to the back.

This is the finished paintbrush can. While making it, it occured to me that I must have feared using paint. I actually like paint. It's smooth, creamy, goes on richly and I feel like a kid again. It feels good. Painting journal pages helped me get over the fear. It was like anything else -- I had to get used to it. Once I figured this out, all my paintbrushes came out of hiding and went into the can. Now they are ready to use at a moment's notice.

I got a color fix by buying floss and a ball of yarn in my new fav color. This time I did not match anything. I opened floss drawers and snagged the colors that appealed to me.

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