July 21, 2008

Back to Life

I love having my life back! The studio is my favorite place and, after two full weeks of self-imposed admin work, I'm ever grateful for my stitcher's life.

I sidetracked my inventory sewing by "needing" a can to store paint brushes. There's always an excuse! It couldn't be any old can -- it had to be artful. A piece of splattered canvas was the perfect base. Purple, red and navy yarns were machine couched to the canvas, then red felt flowers were stitched on.

I found old plastic buttons in colors that didn't appeal to me and sandpapered them so paint would adhere.

I mixed too much paint and the remainder ended up on the canvas. I've learned not to waste paint. Remember those journals I made? Before rinsing paint brushes, excess paint also goes onto the pages. I also use pages to catch excess spray from the glitter spritzer. Hmm, I should make a journal for artist sibling Russ to wipe his brushes on. He'll be here for ComiCon, so I'll see if I can get one together for him.

I was supposed to be working on catnip quilts instead of the paint brush can, but eventually the tops got done. This is an example.

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