July 7, 2008

Cultural Ghosts

Hiromi said something really important to me, "...being an artist is your main career!" You know, I never thought of it that way, or maybe I never allowed myself that attitude. For one thing, it doesn't pay the bills (yet). Also, we Asian Americans are told to strive for careers as doctors, lawyers or engineers, none of which I fancied. Many years ago I realized what my sister was earning and it became clear that if I were going to provide admin support, that I should follow Janine's lead and work for lawyers. Anal responsibilities appealed to the organizer/perfectionist in me. Still, it's as if being an artisan is not valid, so I continue doing legal work. It's a struggle.

I cranked out small quilts. The square ones are approximately 16"x16". I've had some of these fabrics for 10+ years - time to stitch 'em up! More to come in the days ahead. The sewing room floor is piled with fabrics which will become quilts.

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