July 25, 2008

Happy Birthday Magellan

He's ELEVEN years old! Well, at least, we THINK it's his birthday. You know how it is -- when adopting an animal from a shelter, they say "two months old," but a stray cat doesn't carry a birth certificate listing accurate vital statistics. We figured two months from the date we adopted him. He's been a loving pet and has provided lots of cuteness to our household. One of the things he loves is a crunchy surface. The pile of paper bags made noise when he walked on them. Eventually he settled down and claimed the pile as his own.

I worked on more quilt bindings. As I did these, I realized the yarn technique opens to door to lots of small art quilts, ATCs, postcards... Traditional techniques are not always necessary. I haven't even tried multiple yarns yet. I can get crazy here!

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craftydiane said...

Love you cat! He looks just like my daughter's cat laying there. Her cat is about 8 years old and he is blind in one eye. We just love him to pieces!