July 2, 2008

Love My New Dress

This dress was so simple to make but I can't get over the results. No doubt it was time consumming to make all those little flowers, but it was just the right thing to do, giving even more texture to the already textured cloth.

The next series of dolls won't start until Catnip Quilts are sewn, but OH BOY, did I find inspiration: John Galliano is a genius. Every dress inspired me. It's worth clicking through all 45 images. Note the hair and eyebrows. Can you just see a doll like one of these?

I started my new part-time job today (now I have two permanent PT jobs, three if you count art work). I support someone who provides expert witness services. Besides managing the office, I also transcribe depositions, which are interesting. I am finally in an area of law where human beings take center stage, rather than the operations of corporate entities. The office is one block from the beach in Del Mar, a converted bait shop. After work I might go wiggle my toes in the sand.

1 comment:

Sarah said...

wow... I love this angle of your doll... it reminds me of the outfits from the 50s? where they had skinny pants (a la Laura Petrie) and had the kinda of wrap skirt over it and it was deliberately left open and I've always thought -- very sexy!