July 14, 2008

Ms. Verbena

I'd like to introduce Ms. Verbena, the Dotee Doll that my swap-partner sent to me who now resides just above my sewing machine. She's LOVELY! Her eyes are in my favorite pose (nap-like) and she has a loving heart-shaped mouth. I wasn't able to photograph her successfully, but the color is primarily eggplant, with other rich brights, esp in her hair. The funny thing about this swap was that Kathy generously asked what my favorite colors are. I wanted something of Kathy and left her to choose -- it was as if she read my mind! Kathy used embroidery and beadwork, and I really like the charms Ms. Verbena is sprinkled with. See the green vine trim? I like! Thank you, Kathy. It's been a pleasure and I will treasure her. See Kathy's work on her blog (which I check regularly).

This is a test pocket for catnip quilts. The cat-color is based on our boy Magellan, even tho he doesn't have lavender eyes or a red nose, heehee!

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