July 30, 2008

Sea of Color

Are my favorite colors the red I consciously choose or the blues and purples that I'm unconsciously attracted to? Today's stash building netted perle cotton which I'll use on my jeans jacket embroidery. I'm inspired by colors in Allie's crazy quilt.

Oh boy, I'm in trouble now. Tien gave me a spare laptop to use. It's wireless, so I can surf, write blog postings, work on my France/Italy trip diary AND watch TV with Tien in the family room. Sewing in the studio just might come to a standstill. I finished the catnip quilts and am in between projects -- it was the perfect time for him to hand me this new toy.

Off Topic: that Los Angeles earthquake gave me a fright. Yep, it shook all the way down in La Jolla where I watched my computer monitor shake. Since I was alone in the office, I had panicky thought that the building might come down and no one would know.

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