July 31, 2008

She Wants It All

"I really think I need it," she mumbles quietly. Yeah, that's me talking to myself, but not too loudly, otherwise Tien will hear and he thinks I have enough as it is. I thought I wanted a felting machine, such as the Babylock Embellisher, but I'm not ready. For one thing, I keep skipping around trying one technique after another to enjoy the process of learning. Last night I wanted to learn hana ami, so Masami is shopping for tools in Osaka on my behalf. Today it is needle felting.

The felting work I admire is made by Beatte Knappe in Germany. Everything she creates is eye candy.

This is my first attempt at felting with roving on wool using a single needle.

My next inventory project is embellished purse hooks. Right now they look like medical instruments. For suspending your handbag from a restaurant table instead of putting it on the floor -- much more hygenic. As much as we girls spend on our bags, we should treat them nicely.

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