July 28, 2008

Sigh of Relief

My computer was making funny noises and panic set it. What if it crashed and became unrecoverable?! I restarted my machine and waited to discuss with Tien. I'm trying to go paperless, so EVERYTHING is on there: thousands of digital images, documents, recipes, tutorials and notes. We bought this 250GB external backup drive. Ahh, I feel MUCH better now.

This tiny 20 watt iron is far more economical than my normal 1000 watt iron. The face is 1.25" x ~1" which is all that's needed for 1/4" strips of WonderUnder. See the red yarn? I put that there to pull on when repositioning the stand, but because I didn't, I burned my hand five times. Ouch.

Magellan's quilt pile is growing. One more quilt and I'm done!

My brother Russ and sis-in-law Adriana called right as they were leaving their Comic-Con accommodations (say THAT quickly three times), so we dropped everything and rushed out to meet them for dinner. It was short but quality time and I got to give them the paper bag books I made.

Russ had a booth at Comic-Con selling a series of ten prints of his artwork (he gave us a set, wow-ee!). For a closer look at his work, check out his beautiful website. My favorite painting is Surreal Statues on his home page, but now I find equally fascinating Albino Robots in Surreal Landscape. Go through the gallery -- click on images to see the full paintings. His work is astounding. I'd say that even if we weren't related. It really is that good.

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