July 5, 2008

Stitch So Good

Since stitching hasn't been in my schedule, I've been feeling cranky. I also miss posting to my blog.

As soon as I could begin again, I started this doll. More on her when she's done. As you can see, I love to work with purple.

Our epiphyllum bloomed. There is only one blossom this time but I feel the need to share, even though the flower looks exactly the same as in September. This is the inside and the outside. What a fantastic flower it is. The tube of seed beads is there for scale.

I am kicking myself for accepting a two week temp job (see first paragraph) which requires 3 full days a week. Being a temp is not easy: I must learn processes specific to this office (although the rest is a cinch) -- no fun because, as a perfectionist I'm hard on myself. The long days will kill me (a little drama here). With six shows till year end, I'll buckle down and work diligently. The benefit is I'm supporting a quality lawyer.

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