August 23, 2008

Anniversary / Blogaversary

I started this blog one year ago on our wedding anniversary. Thank you, my darling husband, for being with me on this journey -- every day I'm grateful that you're my best friend. Thank you too, friends, for reading my blog -- I love being able to share (plus it keeps me on the job).

This funny-face is our niece Natalie. Her birthday is four days after our anniversary. This wonderful child is full of life, but you would never have guessed from her photo, would you?! Natty wants to be a mermaid and, imagine my luck, I found this great pattern for her. The skirt and top are cut out. I only have to sew it together. What colors, you ask? Why sea green, of course! Photo credit goes to my sister, Janine.

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Nancy said...

Happy Anniversary Lauren and Tien!