August 2, 2008

How I Felt About It

I made progress embellishing the felted flower. It's too big for the purse hooks, plus multi-blue petals look silly, so I see it as a "warm up" and will save for something else. I kept playing and here are results of two more doodads. My version of a fleur-de-lys came out of a discussion with my sister Janine about decorative elements on handbag caddies. I have so many ideas for these purse hooks, but only four blanks right now.

Janine and I got our purse hooks at the same time. I use mine regularly and only one restaurant wait person noticed it -- he thought it was odd ("What's that?"). Janine says everytime she uses hers, it gets noticed (positive notice, I'd like to add). What's wrong with this picture?! Only my vanity cares -- what's more important is that customers like them enough to buy at my art show booth.

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