August 9, 2008

Me Time

Thank you for bearing with me as I struggle with emotions from my new office job. After leaving the office I gave myself some restorative Me Time.

There is a sale this weekend at Common Threads, one of the best yarn stores ever. I bought an armful of miscellaneous yarn and a Knitting Knobby. I had one as a kid and it was so much fun, until I got bored. My excuse today was to play with it and then send it to my nephew who I know will enjoy it (until he gets bored too). Right now I seem to have gone a little nuts with scraps. I'm thinking doll hair, what else?! Wire in the middle will make some interesting hairdos.

Check out this FUN book I got too. Don't know if I'll knit anything, but I love the ideas.

How lucky am I to have Masami for my friend? VERY lucky! At my request she did some shopping at ABC Craft in Osaka for an item that is not available in the U.S. or even on Ebay. It's a flower loom made by Clover, an Osaka-based company. Thank you Masami! This the the first thing I made from one of the six looms in the kit. The shiny center is "brighter than silk Glossilla" -- love it!

Gosh, have you EVER seen a better Olympics opening ceremony? I haven't! Leave it to Zhang Yimou to be so creative with Chinese symbolism, costumes and choreography.

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