August 1, 2008


I don't mind admitting to a diagnosis of mild Obsessive Compusive Disorder. Without divulging gory details, I can say I'm obsessed with my new laptop. Maybe it was part of Tien's plan to keep me out of the sewing room -- it's working, argh! Once I'm on the computer, it's hard to stop. Maybe the thing to do is NOT turn it on. Hopefully I will get some sewing done soon. I have five shows through the end of 2008 and beginning on August 16th. Be there or be square (talking to myself).


Loralynn said...

I have the same problem with my computer. I find that if I don't turn it on, I'm okay, but if it is on, I just have to sit down and waste practically my whole day on it. Good luck finding a happy medium with it! "Hi, my name is Loralynn and I am addicted to the internet..."

Lauren said...

Hi Loralynn, your comment made me LOL -- glad to know I have a sister-in-OCD!