August 6, 2008

Off Topic

I am unable to have stitching time for a day or two, boo-hoo. Hey, that rhymes.

My new part-time office job involves reading depositions, most of which are criminal cases. I was interested in seeing another area of law and accepted this position. Unfortunately, some days I am unable to put judgment aside and feel disgusted at these behaviors! What are these people thinking when they do these things?? Often they are violent. Hopefully it's the newness of the job that causes me to have these feelings and, over time, I'll be able to let it go by.

I was thinking - there are entire industries created just for bad behavior: jail construction, criminal attorneys, law enforcement, bail bondsmen, judges, expert witnesses, social workers, halfway houses, appellate courts, electronic monitoring manufacturers, I could go on. How many people would be out of work if not for criminals? Just a thought...

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